The Tom Bergeron Brasil Band plays an upbeat and eclectic mix of Brazilian genres, including the brilliant instrumental choro that was popular in the early 20th Century, the romantic song-samba from the 1930s & 1940s, classic and contemporary bossa nova, the breathtaking frevo from Northeast Brazil, modern popular songs, original compositions, and hits in the style of the New Samba currently heard in today’s Rio de Janeiro.

The band comprises an equally eclectic assemblage of virtuoso musicians with deep roots in Brazilian music, North American and Brazilian jazz, and other groove-oriented musics from the Americas, Africa, and beyond.

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Brasil Band is led by master saxophonist Tom Bergeron, who has been researching, teaching, and performing Brazilian music for more than 40 years. He returns to Rio annually to perform and marinate in the tropical vibe.

Tom holds a doctoral degree in saxophone, having studied with legendary concert saxophonist Donald Sinta, and with Robert Moore — one of the last pupils of the French saxophone godfather, Marcel Mule. Tom began his music study with Roland Belisle, who learned stride piano from Fats Waller.

Teal Creek Music recording artist, he has recorded, produced, and played on dozens of CDs. In his long career as a jazz and classical musician, Tom has shared the stage with a wide range of artists, including Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Lovano, Anthony Braxton, Natalie Cole, Robert Cray, Mason Williams, Glen Moore, and Marin Alsop.

Tom, Rosi, and Cassio also lead Vianna Bergeron Brazilian Jazz in the Seattle area.

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Singer Rosi Bergeron brings to Brasil Band the sensuous sound of Brazilian Portuguese and her distinctive and consummate expression of Brasilidade. She was immersed from an early age in the musical culture of her native Rio de Janeiro, participating in Rio’s legendary samba schools, studying voice, and developing a deep repertoire of samba, bossa nova, and Brazilian Popular Music.

Pianist Cassio Vianna is a native of Rio de Janeiro and a founding member of Brasil Band. He holds a doctorate in jazz studies from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Music degree in Contemporary Music from Western Oregon University. His playing strikes a perfect balance between lush harmony a deeply groovy Brazilian rhythm.


Bassist Page Hundemer grew up on the East Coast and graduated from the Berklee College of Music. He has lived in Corvallis, Oregon, for 30 years, playing all styles of music and establishing himself as a rock-solid groovemeister. Recently, he released a solo record called Double Stops, comprising ten original pieces for solo and overdubbed acoustic bass. Michael Manring had this to say about the record: “Mikey likes it!”

Drummer Cameron Siegal is a Eugene, Oregon-based drummer, percussionist, teacher, and composer. Although his focus as a performer is drum set, his musical life and sense of groove have been enriched by his experience in West African drum orchestras, the gong ensembles of Java and Bali, the samba bands of Brazil, the calypso bands of Trinidad, and other world musics, in addition to Western musical traditions

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